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Inspiration for a Luxury Cruise Holiday

For anyone seeking a little inspiration when considering their next luxury cruise holiday should really look at many of the great European destinations available. As today these cruising destination stopovers offer cruise holiday visitors a chance to visit some of the most historic and beautiful locations throughout Europe.

By opting for a luxury European cruise holiday you can not only enjoy an array of fantastic destinations to choose from, but also travel at leisurely pace, giving you a great way to relax, whilst enjoying all the on-board cruise ship facilities, which will cater for all your needs.

Here I’ve short listed just some of my favourite cruise holiday destinations in Europe and give you a brief idea at what is waiting in store for you.

Morocco and the Canary Islands

The Canaries are a group of islands located just off the coast of the Western Sahara, just off the North African coast. Continue reading

Ideas for choosing your next cruise ship holiday

Cruise ship holidays offer a wonderful way to see and experience new parts of the world, whilst travelling at a relaxing pace. With so many tour operators offering river cruises and ocean going cruising, there has never been a better time to see a range of destinations on one trip.

View of modern luxury cruise ship

Image credit: Andres Manuel Rodriguez

So if you are struggling to decide on your next holiday destination, why settle for just one? When you have a multiple destination itinerary, whilst travelling in style and having all the comforts and activities you could desire in one place. Cruise holidays are one style of vacation that should definitely be considered, both river and ocean cruises are not only an exciting and luxurious option, but can be extremely good value for money if you are looking to visit more than one place during you holiday. Most cruise ship companies will no doubt have a choice of packages or a tailored made one to suit your needs and budget.

These days cruising holidays can take you on so many routes around the world, with many different cruising routes taking tourists around the Caribbean, the Mediterranean or even to Alaska and Artic. So first, it would be advisable to take time to draw up some ideas & a short list for destinations & requirements for your next holiday. Do some research on the locations or places you would like to include in your cruise ship trip. Continue reading